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Specialist Custom Made Courses by appointment

The Custom Shop is where you can find more bespoke courses to suit your time frames and requirements. These experiences do not run constantly and need to be booked with specific dates arranged with the Academy. They are flexible in thier locations too.

Please email us for details and availability on the contact page.

The 1 week crash course in professional rock and indie guitar

Play in the style of Ace 

Includes "how to put your band on the road" business advice

3 hours long

2 hours playing & 1 hour band business study

5 days Monday to Friday

10.30am - 1.30pm

Class size 5

Location: London Kings Cross

The 1 week crash course in beginners electric guitar

The Ace Method

3 hours long

20 min break

5 days Monday to Friday

10.30am - 1.30pm

Class size 5

Location: London Kings Cross

1 day studio recording experience with Ace

Learn recording and tracking techniques and tricks for the electric guitar to a pro level in the studio!

Learn how to mic and set up your guitar sound in the studio

Experiment with sounds and FX

All equipment provided.

Record a piece of music

Master the track

Lunch Included

Studio Locations in London

Bring your own guitar or use Aces.

11am -7pm


Corporate Workshop Events

We come to you for a morning or afternoon of fun playing and learning a few new tricks! A custom made package designed for your needs.

Price depends on requirements


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