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Ace joins The Academy of Contemporary Music as Head of Creative Industry Development

With great pleasure, we announce that Ace has joined the acclaimed Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) as Head of Creative Industry Development. He has joined the senior management team across the 3 colleges in Guildford, Clapham and Chiswick heading up the Industry Link department in each. ACM has been established for over 20 years and is a world renowned leader in music education with top class tutorsand an impressive alumni success.You van check out the site at

The Ace Guitar Academy Franchise

The Ace Guitar Academy is now available to franchise with all course materials imagery and branding. You too could become a tutor and run your own courses under the Ace Academy name and teach the new Ace Method way of learning for beginners. It's simple and fun with all the elements provided you will need, such as a tutor manual with detailed timed lesson plans , student course notes, audio CDs and tutor and student merchandise. Create your own teaching career for students of any age.

If you are interested please email us here. (qualification required)

Ace Judges Rock The House 2013 & 2014!

Ace recently was the judge and representative for the band competetion Rock The House created by Mike Weatherley MP.

The Finals were held in London with the winning band playing at the House Of Commons where they were awarded guitars by Ace on behalf of Gibson.

The Event was to raise awareness of music publishing and income streams to artists to help them make a living from playing music and being musicians with incomes.


Kaboom! The Ace Skull Ring Arrives!


 ....Well, does it mean you've arrived when you have your very own skull ring? From Lemmy to Keith Richards, it's always been a trademark symbol of the fingers that are making the music.


A while ago I posted on my Facebook that every great guitarist should own a cool skull ring....

The prophecy was foretold when Dogstone London dropped me a line through a mutual friend and said that they wanted to design and build me my very own personal skull ring...


So a couple of conversations later the Ace Skull Ring was conceived.

The philosophy behind it was that I was reared on the early 80's Motörhead LP of the Ace of Spades, being the first concert I went to and the one that started me playing the guitar in the first place.

Dogstone produce some pretty deadly skulls in their range from which they modified and coupled with their own concept on the design that they envisioned for my unique personality.  




The result is here to see, an exquisite and awesome creation encapsulating power and beauty with a unique personal touch.


I think I've arrived... Rock on!


                      Check it out here!



Skunk Anansie Live Acoustic LP!

Recorded on April 15, 2013 at Belgravia's storied Cadogan Hall, home of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, ‘An Acoustic Skunk Anansie – Live in London’ sees renowned British rock band Skunk Anansie serving up beautifully re-imagined versions of some of their best-loved songs before an enrapt audience of 900 fans. Tickets for the event sold out within hours of going on sale and having seen the finished results it’s easy to see why. An Acoustic Skunk Anansie is an intimate portrait of a band boldly toying with convention and their own illustrious history, it's a timely reminder that, even as Skunk Anansie approach their 20th anniversary as a band, the Londoners retain the power to provoke and surprise


South Africa Workshop

Skunk Anansie recently visted a music college in Soweto township, South Africa whislt on their summer festival tour.

Ace, Mark, Skin and Cass made time to play some songs and explain their approach to playing in a band, as well as listening to the students play in their own groups.


"It was a heart warming and overwelming experience to meet these children and to be around them with their huge talent and big hearts" said Ace.

Skunk do worshops in Israel and Italy!

Also on the summer festival circuit, Skunk Anansie had time to drop into music schools in Isreal and Italy to give workshops in playing and techniques to the students, as well as playing Skunk songs and listening to the students own bands and giving them advice.

The schools were set up by teachers with self funding and the love of music,- and teaching kids without looking for profit. 


"The level of playing and interaction of the students was amazing" said Ace. "They were totally consumed by their passion for playing and were thrilled that we came to meet and play with them, - such a great feeling to be there with them too!"

Ace Academy visits Switzerland

Ace recently visited Zurich for a week with the Ace Academy 5 day crash course. Held in a great venue in the centre of town, it was a intimate and exclusive private class of only 5 members. Ace said " It was so much fun to hang out in Zurich for the week teaching the students. Its a place that is definitely on my list from now on!". 

Ace visits Altramusica in Vicenza Italy

Ace popped over to Altramusica for the weekend to show his unique self taught style of ear training on the guitar to two sets of guitar students, as well as coaching bands for a concert they played that night at the school. Ace commented " The students were really enthusiastic and receptive and a joy to be around. The whole vibe and feel of the school and its staff was fantastic too!".

Ace meets up with Brian May in Parliament!

Ace and Brian May met recently at the Launch of Rock The House 2014 at the House Of Commons.

Ace will be the Judge for the over 19's band category next July while Brian is a patron of the organisation.

Ace said. "it was great to catch up with Brian again. Last time I saw him it was on stage playing together for Motorheads 30th anniversary. What a night!"

Also seen here in picture on the left is patron Bernie Marsden with last years Metal Band catorgory winners Collibus.

Ace visits MusicAvantguardia in Rivoli

Ace's latest travels took him to MusicAvantguardia in Rivoli, Italy to teach his style and techniques to their guitar students. As well as this he took part in a live band coaching workshop in the local Theatre which he says was great fun! Ace spoke about the event and said "Feryanto and Fabrizio have an amazing school with great students with a fantastic and fun learning capacity. I can't wait to go back!".

Custom Truss Rod Cover!

Ace recently teamed up with top Japanese Jewellery designer Jay Tsujimura in Tokyo to create his own personalised Truss Rod cover for his beloved PRS  Singlecut.

Jay, who has made jewellery for many famous people including Lenny Kravitz, painstakingly hand carved and cast his custom design in solid silver to his own design incorporating Ace's trademark swallow. 

Ace said, "I'm blown away with such a beautiful peice of craftsmanship and design!"

you can check out Jays other truss rod covers and amazing jewellery creations on his site below.

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