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About Ace Guitar Academy

Ever watched a great guitarist and thought "I'd love to do that!", - to be a guitar player on any level or to be in a band that's out there having fun and playing gigs?

 -Then you take look at the teaching book and think "Woah! This looks difficult, can I understand and achieve this?"

Well here at the Ace Guitar Academy we think that playing should be fun! And your own drive and commitment to the guitar will take you on the journey you want to be on.

It's really not that hard to learn The Ace method way, - and its fun, exciting and rewarding!

It's more about using your ears and finding your own unique style that will make you able to play in a band or with other fellow musicians quickly and easily.

When you were a child you learnt to speak by listening and watching, and that  is what The Ace Method of learning involves, (plus of course a bunch of light theory thrown in to arm you with the tools you need to understand what you are doing.) To be honest, theory and analysis came much later than music itself. Something that is relatively simple to do, can look really difficult when its written down on paper.

It's a contemporary hands on playing approach not bogged down in the usual rules of muso complexity. It seems easy and achievable from the start and accessible to all ages.

It's a perfect way for players to easily learn rock and indie guitar styles to join a band and get out there to show what they've got!

The course aim is to nurture the individuality in each student to create their own style and voice of playing the guitar. There is no wrong or right when it comes to your own style, just what sounds good. If it sounds right, it is right...

Well isn't that what a great guitar player is all about!


I learnt to play completely by ear on my own, and picked up the theory later that explained what I played. (But not how I played - that's how I developed my own style)

30 years as a professional musician and over 6 million albums sold later, I'm still here doing it.


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